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Finding the cheapest Medicare Supplement is easy when you have an independent broker working for you.

We can help you by shopping the entire market to bring the very best value for your Medicare Supplement insurance premium. All Medicare Supplement plans are the same, the only difference is the amount you choose to pay for that exact, same plan.

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MediGap Plans Offer Freedom


Medicare Supplement plans offer you the ability to see any doctor that accepts original Medicare. 

This means you do not have to worry about the ever-changing physician networks or hospitals that are “in network.” With a Medicare Supplement policy, you are always covered if they take Medicare, which most all providers will. 

Having a Medicare Supplement means you can feel free to roam the country.

Your supplement will pay the bills left over at the doctor’s office when Medicare pays the majority of the bill. You can visit any Medicare provider from Key West to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. This is the freedom and flexibility we provide through a Medicare Supplement.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance


Medicare benefit plans include options such as Medicare supplement insurance, otherwise   known as MediGap plans. Other options such as Medicare Advantage Plans and even employer-based plans for seniors are options for senior health care.

Our focus is on Medicare supplement insurance, as our senior clients prefer to see any doctor, without restriction, and have one single, consistent premium payment for their healthcare needs, rather than a confusing variety of co-payments and huge out-of-pocket fees for any potential hospitalization, as is found in typical Medicare Advantage plans that offer “zero premium” options. Often, these “zero premium” plans cost far more than a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, while including restrictions on networks, doctor access, and choice of procedures and hospitals offered.

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Cheapest Medicare Supplement for Turning 65

Many times, seniors will call our office asking, “What is the cheapest Medicare plan for turning 65?

That answer is different, depending on what zip code you live in and whether or not you are a smoker or a non-smoker. The best thing about having an independent agent is, no matter where you live, you can get the absolute best deal possible.

See, according to the Medicare & You Guidebook, all Medicare plans (Plan F, Plan G, etc.) are exactly the same.. and they are. They all pay the same bills, exactly the same way, to any provider that accepts Medicare patients. The only difference is the price you pay.

One very important consideration is what agent you choose to be your Medicare Supplement agent. This video points out the most crucial part to this selection process.

Please watch this very informative video on finding the Cheapest Medicare Supplement for Turning 65:

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Health Insurance Options for Seniors

Seniors have several options when it comes to insurance for their healthcare needs.
Popular choices between Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, or remaining on an employer health insurance plan, if that option is available to you

Medicare Supplement Insurance allows you to visit any provider that accepts original Medicare. Medicare typically pays 80% of the bill and the supplement pays the rest. There are several choices of Medicare Supplement plan types, but this is the most typical scenario.

Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive care, too, but is often perceived as a replacement to original Medicare, as you can no longer go to see any Medicare provider. As a member of a Medicare Advantage plan, you must see network providers and facilities. These providers typically charge co-payments of from $20 to $500 per use at these facilities.

It is possible for a Medicare Supplement plan to leave a remaining bill of $0 for a 10 day hospital stay. That same hospital stay with a typical Medicare Advantage plan might cost $1,800 or more, as most Medicare Advantage plans charge per-day in the hospital. This is in contracts to having a small, consistent monthly insurance premium with no other costs, as you do in the Medicare Supplement arrangement.

Having an independent agent work for you allows you to have the best advice, at no cost to you, as to which plan best suits your needs. We can help you with Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage advice by calling our office at 1-800-729-9590.