Cheapest Medicare Supplement for Turning 65

Many times, seniors will call our office asking, “What is the cheapest Medicare plan for turning 65?

That answer is different, depending on what zip code you live in and whether or not you are a smoker or a non-smoker. The best thing about having an independent agent is, no matter where you live, you can get the absolute best deal possible.

See, according to the Medicare & You Guidebook, all Medicare plans (Plan F, Plan G, etc.) are exactly the same.. and they are. They all pay the same bills, exactly the same way, to any provider that accepts Medicare patients. The only difference is the price you pay.

One very important consideration is what agent you choose to be your Medicare Supplement agent. This video points out the most crucial part to this selection process.

Please watch this very informative video on finding the Cheapest Medicare Supplement for Turning 65:

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